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Credit Fixing CompaniesYour credit report can go sour in many of ways: a late payment that you’re sure is inaccurately reported, an unfortunate charge-off, or even a tax lien. Credit fixing companies can help.

Regardless of the exact reason you’re now having trouble obtaining a loan or having to deal with high-interest rates, we here at Lux Credit LLC have you covered.

Why You Need Our Service


Whilst you can go about fixing your credit on your own, you’ll find yourself sinking a large amount of time analyzing what is causing major negative impacts on your credit rating. And this is on top of the effort needed to dispute inaccuracies with your creditor.

As one of the most reliable credit fixing companies in Florida, we can assure you a minimal headache process of fixing your credit. Save your time for the things you value in your life and let us handle the complicated bits of credit fixing for you.

Here’s How We Go About It

Lux Credit can help you in one of two ways:

  • Inquiry removal from all three bureaus
  • Credit wipe from all three bureaus

As a part of these packages, whose details you can explore here, we can deal with any number of derogatory items on your credit like charge-offs, late payments, collections, student loans, child support, and bankruptcy. 

Let us file cease-and-desist letters on your behalfs and request creditors to validate the information that you find erratic. Meanwhile, you can go on about planning your dream purchases!

Our team performs better than other credit fixing companies because we value individual attention. Read on to find out what we here at Lux Credit LLC do better!

Why Choose Us

By tasking us with fixing your credit, we guarantee specialized and personalized reviews of your credit reports. Our experts on all three bureaus’ credit reports can dissect the information and send you a detailed report with suggested actions. 

Once you approve, we will get to work with disputes and removals. This way we ensure that you’re kept in the loop, and so you know what are you paying for! 

Further, our fixed timelines ensure you can stay on track to get your new car, house loan, or credit card without having to deal with annoying delays.

The Bottom Line

Now offering a tremendous discount on both our services, wait no more to solicit the services of one of the most effective credit fixing companies in Florida! Visit our product page now!

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